Owing to its establishment of our own farms in some of Italy’s most well known food producing locales including Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Campania and Puglia, Casa Gusto is one of the first Italian companies capable of bringing you both quality produce and the benefits of a customised brand. 


We can help you to develop a brand and label to suit your establishment’s individual needs. 

What do we offer?

Casa Gusto offers you a wide range of beautiful products, from all regions of Italy, and can provide you with an extensive selection varying from canned tomatoes, beans and pickled vegetables to the best hand-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Sicily; the most beautifully aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena to the handcrafted 'Pasta di Gragnano' or the finest Mineral Water.

What size do we provide?

Our costumers might need them in the standard wholesaler size:

3kg or 5kg tins

4lt or 3lt tanks, 2kg or 3kg jars 

2lt or 4lt plastic bottles, 5lt plastic Pet 


or in the smallest retail shop size:

314ml, 500gr, 900gr, 1700gr, 2kg jars

200ml, 500ml or 1lt glass bottles

400gr, 800gr tins.

Contact us to have more information about it and find out the minimum quantities.

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