Artichokes can be great appetizers and can be used to serve in small parties and celebrations. Casa Gusto brought you the Italian artichokes are prepared by stripping away the outer leaves to reveal the tender inner leaves surrounding the artichoke’s heart which is finely sliced in quarters then marinated in olive oil, garlic, pepper and mixed Italian herbs.

Available in 2 Kg Jars. Made in Italy


Casagusto sundried tomatoes are a blend of taste and experience. The tomatoes before sliced then salted are lied under the souther sun of Puglia and than soaked in Olive oil, garlic, mint, parsley and Italian mixed herbs to give a unique taste to the any food.

Available in 2kg Jar. Made in Italy.


The Italian style grilled eggplants are rich in antioxidants and protect the memory and brain health. Casa Gusto prepare grilled Eggplant in pure olive oil, sunflower oil and seasoned with a collection of Italian herbs with salt, garlic and vinegar. It is perfect for antipasti and can be used as main courses with pasta.

It can also be served cold or warm.


The Italian style grilled Zucchini in pure olive oil, sunflower olive oil and seasoned with best italian herbs, salt, garlic, basil and vinegar. Perfect to used as an antipasti and main courses with pasta. They can also be blend to make a nice zucchini cream and can be served as cold or warm. 


Casa Gusto Grilled Red Peppers in pure olive oil, sunflower oil and seasoned with italian herbs, salt, garlic and vinegar will give you the taste of home made food wherever you are. These are easy to digest and can be served as a delicious side dish. Perfect for antipasti and main courses with meat.

Can also be served as cold or warm.


Casa Gusto brought you the Italian Fire Roasted Peppers in pure olive oil, sunflower oil, seasoned with italian herbs, salt, garlic and vinegar. These fire roasted peppers are perfect for antipasti and main courses with pasta and for Pizza catering and toppings. They can be served cold or warm. Treat your palate with Casa Gusto’s gourmet delight. 


Casa Gusto Semidried tomatoes are hand picked, cut and carefully marinated in oil, vinegar, salt, garlic and italian herbs to preserve the best taste. These Semidried tomatoes are best for pizza toppings, antipasto plate or panini.


Baby Capers are the immature buds of the caper bush and about 5% of babies are born on their due dates. Baby capers are a specific and special ingredient of the Italian cuisine to increase the flavor of the food to its maximum. Casa Gusto Baby capers are carefully brined in the right amount of vinegar to increase their sharpness in their taste to the best level. They are best to use with salads and pasta.


Capers have a permanent appearance in the Italian kitchen. Brined in vinegar and salt, they are excellent to use with salads and pasta. They are perfect to be used as canapes as well.


Pickled cucumbers are great appetizers and party starters. They are rich in vitamins and everyone’s favorite. Casa Gusto pickled cucumbers are brined in vinegar and salt and perfect for aperitif or can be used as sliced pieces inside your sandwiches to stimulate the appetite.


Greek Style Dolmades from Casa Gusto. Just the way made by your Nonna. These are stuffed with rice mind and herbs and can be eaten as meze or a side dish. Moreover, it can be accompanied by strained yogurt as a little tasty snack of its own. Perfect for use for any delicatessen or supermarket.

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